Have you ever been throttled by Microsoft?

One of the issues when migrating your on-premise email into O365 has been the speed at which the O365 platform can accept the data. Microsoft has always had a data ingress throttling policy but that could always be switched off on a per tenant basis for a period of time during the on-boarding process. Thus temporarily by-passing the throttling restrictions enabled the migration into the O365 platform to proceed at an acceptable rate. Until…..

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.pst Files – Friend or Foe?

The answer to that question is pretty clear – once a friend, but now very much a foe.

In times gone by, and we are talking over twenty years ago now, .pst files were a useful solution to the problem of limited server mailbox capacity. In those days, storing a .pst file on a local pc and including it in a back-up regime was the way forward. In those days, .pst files were a friend indeed….

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