Datasheet: Miscellaneous

Further information about key functions

We provide a large number of additional optional features that suit the needs of larger enterprises: including:




Multi-Domain Support

We integrate with Active Directory to import a number of objects including Users, Computers, Groups, Exchange Servers, Public Folders and Sites & Subnets. Large organisations generally have more than one domain and we support multi-domain topology.


End-User Opt-In

End-User Opt-In provides the mechanics to notify the user community of the pending migration of their archives and the chance for them to (optionally) define whether they wish to Migrate, Keep or Delete the data or to notify the administrators that the messages are not actually theirs. Everything from the notification emails to the eventual action is automated.


Pilot Users

Archive migration can be initiated in a limited manor through active directory group membership. Once active, only archives belonging to members of the group will be highlighted in the archive management page and can be migrated.


Pilot Machines

Machine Autodiscovery uses a number of active directory objects to obtain lists of workstations on the network, with each machine in turn trawled in the search for PST files. The list of machines to be trawled initially can be restricted by defining an active directory group containing pilot machines.


Batch Importing

Data such as archive lists, users and more can be imported directly from CSV file. This is useful if, for example, PST discovery has already been performed by another tool.


Enduser Notifications

We provide automated notifications for events that occur at the beginning and end of migration. These are emails that can be defined in plain text or HTML and lists of archives to be migrated can optionally be included.