What We Do

What We Do

Used globally by some of the largest corporations in the world, what we do is handle enterprise volumes of data quickly and efficiently. With a focus on the management, reporting and movement of messaging and file based data between storage platforms, our distributed architecture means data can be transferred by the shortest route possible. This not only reduces system, LAN and WAN utilisation, but allows data unavailability to be minimised if not eliminated entirely.

Our Message Migration and Rehydration features allow you to move messaging data between Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Enterprise Vault, PST Files, Mimecast, Syantec.cloud, MSG files, Public Folders and more. With automatic owner assignment based upon sender and receiver metadata and inbuilt scheduling functionality, migration projects can be configured to be fully automated if required. With a centralised browser based management console, even migration projects that need to be controlled manually can become efficient and easy to facilitate.

Our Folder Reporting features summarise as they go allowing queries against the data to be almost instantaneous. Fully integrated with our migration functionality, data can be trawled, analysed, ownership verified and then moved to another archive solution, all through a single, easy to use administrative interface.

With enterprise features included as part of the core product including multi-domain support, end-user opt-in, active directory integration, pilot users and computers, multi-time zone support, built in end user notifications, roles based access and lots more, we can help to simplify discovery and migration projects no matter what size and complexity. We focus on full end-to-end automation with centralised administration, reducing or completely removing the need for manual intervention.

Source data is never error free – PSTs usually contain one or more corrupt messages for example – our software has been built with enterprise grade error handling from the outset. Unlike many other tools, including those provided natively, we report on errors, skip corruptions and carry on.


PST Migration

In today’s modern data messaging architecture, PST files are no longer a suitable storage medium within a corporate environment. PST migration helps to mitigate the risks associated with PST files that include non-compliancy, storage costs, unreliability, inaccessibility and a whole lot more. … more

Shortcut Rehydration

So, the project to move message data to Office365 or Exchange is nearly complete and now the task of decommissioning Enterprise Vault is on the horizon. Unfortunately, the old shortcuts are also now in the new store and need to be recalled, but how? Fortunately we can help with shortcut rehydration. … more

Archive Migration

In today’s modern data messaging architecture, legacy archive solutions such as Enterprise Vault, Zantas EAS and Source One are rapidly becoming an unsuitable storage medium within a corporate environment. On the other hand the new breed of cloud based archive solutions such as … more

Enterprise Vault Migration

Enterprise Vault is the industry leader in email and content archiving. Working in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook through the use of a plugin, historical emails which have been transferred into the Enterprise Vault store are made available either via a virtual Outlook folder or through … more

Public Folder Migration

Pubic folders in Microsoft Outlook are a convenient way to share information such as contacts, calendar items, messages and journal entries with others. However, they are a double edged sword in IT terms. On the one hand, delegating ownership to the business community removes the need for technical … more